Finishing art project=safer home


Not what I had in mind…

Copper wire. 22 gauge. Wire cutter. Three sketches on a child’s blue monkey shaped notepad.  This is the first one where I am bummed about how the photo turned out. No matter how I tried to take it the piece kept washing out and disappearing. This one might be an example of how some things aren’t going to translate. It is very pleasing to take out two things you got from the hardware store and translate into a shape you drew. Maybe that’s as far as this one gets. I guess this is where the rubber meets the road if you’re going to call a blog “Willing to Make Bad Art.” You actually have to be willing to make it.

This is the fourth wire face I’ve ever made.  These are the other two that are still in existence.




   The fruits of my initial trip to Do-it Best Hardware

I was really proud of this one. I had just started to be willing to make things so I had a brand new wire cutter, a different little kid notebook and some copper wire for which I had paid $4. I was carrying it with me in my purse. A little satchel of creativity or a bag of evidence, depending upon how you looked at it. Since I am terrified of being misunderstood and breaking rules I think I actually made this face so that if for some reason I was stopped by the police I could produce something that would prove I wasn’t building some sort of bomb.

I have always wanted to do art that was more like building. Power tools. A work shop. But, my experience with power tools is somewhat limited and my space to keep them is smaller still. When I was a kid my dad worked in a small neighborhood hardware store and I spent hours wandering around waiting for him to be done.  Everywhere I have ever lived I find the independent hardware store. When I am feeling kicked around I make a field trip and nurse my wounds looking at multi-colored electrical wire.


The face protocol is always the same:

1) Make drawings without lifting your pen from the page

2) Choosing one which seems doable

3) Starting and finishing

I know it seems silly to put “Starting and finishing” together, but that is actually the gift of the wire. No matter how much you hate how the project is going, you can’t help but finish it. It is one piece of wire. If you don’t finish it, you’ve actually created a bigger mess for yourself because now you’ve got some dangerous pokey wire that someone will surely run into and then, not only will you have to dig for your ransacked first aid kit, you’ll also have to explain what stabbed them and if it isn’t finished it’s really going to look shitty and then you have to explain that you inadvertently stabbed them with your crap art.

Don’t do that to yourself! Let the materials help you! Finish your sewing project/decoupage box/furniture refinishing/scrapbook page before it kills someone!

Happy art-ing!

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