Who is writing this?


I am a regular person with lots of hum-drum responsibilities, perhaps like you. I have always enjoyed singing and dancing – much Rosemary Clooney except without the stardom and exceptional blonde hair. I like going to museums and staring at paintings until they make sense or until I get tired of trying. I have been known to haul out the sewing machine and making a hat or two. For several years I insisted on making every holiday card that left my doorstep. During that same time friends were probably going to get a homemade candle and a small bar of soap from me whether they wanted it or not. I thought of it as my gift to the top of their toilet tanks. For about 10 years I was a stand up comic until I realized I was going to have to try a lot harder and stay up a lot later to really do the art of comedy any justice, so I stopped.

The problem is that I stopped doing most creative stuff all at the same time. Like lots of people I got busy and it was inconvenient. Really not bad excuses, but it made my life a little more gray. I found myself jealous of the creative folks in my life and generally just less pleasant company for everyone, including me. So this is my attempt to squeeze a little more color back into my life. Make no mistake, I know it is a very small attempt, but we’ve got to start somewhere.



One thought on “Who is writing this?

  1. Love it, great blog, bad art is the best. Or, art is just the search, it’s not the final form, which I heard Gary Busey (!) say and don’t know who said it before him.

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