Maybe the ‘B’ in Plan B is for Better

Antique white? More like old antique white.

Antique white? More like beige trying to rebrand itself.

This is a new venture. Attempting to make something with a deadline. Usually, I wait until two children are passed out and there can be no more requests for water, additional bathroom visits or the endless rearranging of the blankets. But today the little one had a fever and passed out startling fast at naptime so I thought I had a good 60 minutes to make some magic. And by make some magic I mean open up a box of acrylic paints and drink a smoothie. I know, I know. Don’t be jealous.

This was actually Plan B today. This morning I was at Michael’s treating myself to all kinds of little rubber stamp doodads and jewelry-making materials (I am seriously the last person in the world to discover jewelry making. “You mean I can buy cords with clasps already attached and some urban chic beads and pendants and have my own necklace in 30 seconds?!?! Where have you been hiding all my life? Behind my judgement and self-doubt, you say? True dat.) Anyhow, I got so caught up in gathering my nuggets of future happiness that I forgot to factor in that 85 other people might be doing the same thing as me and the check out line would be endless. So sadly, I had to leave all my goodies in a bin of $1 items lest I be late for the doctor. Sadness all around.

But inspiration can strike anytime… if you insist upon it… and reclassify exactly what it looks like.

In the process of doing some decluttering we have made room for some lovely items that we already owned but were buried. One of those is The Great Big Art Activity Book. Another item aimed at children. It is divided into sections like Drawing and Sketching, Painting and Printing and World Art. I remember going to a museum about 20 years ago in Seattle and seeing this incredible exhibit about Aboriginal Dreamtime paintings.  I had never seen anything quite like it and it really grabbed ahold of some precious real estate in my psyche. So, wouldn’t you know it, this book had a whole page about aboriginal art. Intrigued I jumped on Goodsearch and found this great entry:

So as you can see all things conspired to make this little doodad. I believe this is something like a 2″x4” canvas sold in packs of 4. Combine that with eight different colors of paint, three brushes and one or two coats, depending on how long I stopped to put away dishes or stare at a pile of unfolded clean laundry and there it is. More art. Just like more laundry. All you have to do is live and it keeps on piling up.

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