Assembled art: a new creative frontier

Art assembly: The Trader Joe’s of creativity

The title of this post is a testament to positive, glass-half-full thinking. The idea of art+assembly being a creative frontier is a movement in my own head.  It is born of the desperation of not being any good at representational drawing, being too cheap to buy canvases and having more than once made art projects – for my adult self – that I got from Family Fun magazine.

These felt flowers came from an aimless trip to JoAnn fabrics meant to cheer me up. Once upon a time I did sew some very simple things from very easy patterns. At least the patterns had the word “easy” in their titles. Sewing is like math with fabric and more immediate consequences.  First, you don’t get any instant gratification from sewing unless you are really, really good at it.  There’s a lot of things that are antithetical to instant gratification like measuring and ironing. Even the simplest of projects requires ironing and that is a real thorn in my side. There’s too much moving stuff out of the way to make space for the iron and too much reminding the children that this thing they’ve hardly ever seen is like a cross between fire and an anvil with a trip wire attached. Already exhausted before I’ve even sewed on one sleeve upside down.

The flowers, on the other hand, are very simple.  They remind me of that plastic doughnut stacking toy for babies. Start with the biggest on the bottom and move to the smallest. I didn’t even have to individually choose all the shapes.  They came in variety packs including 4-5 shapes and colors. And I don’t even mean like each shape came in a variety of colors. All the big flowers were green, all the smallest ones were dark red, etc. “But,” I can hear you saying, “not all the big flowers are green.” That is true. I bought two packs. “But, the buttons?” you say. Well, those I will take credit for. That specific garnish came from Oriental Trading Company. I like to think outside the box.

But, again, here’s the thing about this project. I did it and it made me very happy. I busted out two different colors of embroidery thread and experimented with how many knots I had to tie to keep it from going through the flowers. (Two – it was a short experiment.) It was a great way to spend an hour that left me feeling better than the Bermuda Triangle of Organizing known as my kitchen/living room/dining room area.

Happy assembling to us all!

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