Is it bad art if you use the kids art supplies?

IMG_0561 IMG_0562 IMG_0563

This whole thing took about 20 minutes. First I was going to draw on some wooden leaves that I bought at Michael’s this summer, but then I remembered that I tossed the wood markers when someone accidentally drew on the table with them and, of course, seeing as they were wood markers they wouldn’t come off. So out they went in after bedtime one night.

I wanted to do something tonight since I just started the blog yesterday and if one is serious about being willing to make bad art, one can’t give up after the first day. Oh, I could. I mean, one could, but if one was going to do that, what’s the point in doing it on the internet? I can easily give up on my own. And have many times.  So here’s to the second day of just being willing to sit down and not stress about the results.

I did the tree with a stamp and a fabric marker because that’s all I could find. As soon as I pulled the stamp off the page I hated how it looked. It didn’t match what I had in my head. I had a set of watercolor colored pencils that I got for one of the kids for a birthday. I started drawing circles. Whenever I have done drawing in the past I am drawn to circles and squares. Because they are easy. It is really hard to screw up a circle. There is something satisfying about being able to translate something from your head. Then the colors made me happy so I decided to color them in. Anytime I make the commitment to do a little more there’s always the chance that it will be like the 58th rhinestone on your mom’s purse…just 57 too many. But I was happy with this when I finished. It’s not for anybody, but more visual proof that I was willing to commit a little bit of time to something without needing to control the outcome.

Here’s to building some newer, happier neuropathways!

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